We Are Monster –  On the night of 21 March 2000, in a cell at Feltham Young Offenders Institution, a white racist prisoner, Robert Stewart, battered his Asian cellmate, Zahid Mubarek, into a coma only five hours before Mubarek was due to be released. Mubarek never recovered from the injuries he had sustained and died a week later. We Are Monster is inspired by this true story. Directed by Antony Petrou, written by and starring Leeshon Alexander. Also starring Aymen Hamdouchi, Gethin Anthony and Shazad Latif. Produced by Leeshon Alexander, Antony Petrou, Noel Clarke and Dean O’Toole.

WE ARE MONSTER was nominated for the Michael Powell Award for Best British Film at Edinburgh International Film Festival. Following a theatrical release in 2015 the film was acquired by Netflix in 2016.



Messiahs of God’s Army – The story of 12-year-old twins – Johnny and Luther Htoo – who controlled ‘God’s Army’, a nominally Christian force of 200 youthful Karen tribesmen in the mountainous rain forests of Burma (now known as Myanmar) who revered their boy leaders as bulletproof messiahs as they fought to defend their villages against the Burmese Army. Directed by Anyrin. Written by Luther Htoo and Anyrin. Produced by Leeshon Alexander.


Animal – An epic true love story based on the early life of renowned Irish traveller and bare knuckle fighter Paddy Doherty and his wife Roseanne in the 1970’s. Directed by Anyrin. Written by Matt Diss. Produced by Danny McGrath, Simon Egan and Leeshon Alexander. Starring Mickey Rourke and Leeshon Alexander. TEASER:


Never A Silent Lamb – inspired by the true story of the Jewish resistance fighter, Roza Robota – a young woman who would rather die fighting back than be slaughtered like a silent lamb. It is dramatised with a mix of actual and fictional characters and actions, derived from actual events drawn from real sources – the memoirs and accounts of Holocaust survivors. Written by Leeshon Alexander

The Russian Tea Room – 4 part TV Drama. Treachery and espionage that could have changed the course of the Second World War – a fictionalised account of espionage and counterespionage inspired by real events. It is a “spy drama” loosely based on what became known during and immediately after the Second World War as “the Kent-Wolkoff Affair.” Set mainly in London during the winter and spring of 1940 before the US had entered the war, The Russian Tea Room tells the story of the MI5 operation that uncovers a conspiracy by three anti-Semitic and Nazi sympathisers, active through a secret society called the Right Club, to keep America from aiding the British war effort and entering the war against Germany. Written by Leeshon Alexander

aMUSE – When an aspiring comic book artist is propositioned by a charismatic stranger, the lines between reality and the comic book world become violently blurred. Directed by Antony Petrou. Written by Will Croft. Produced by Leeshon Alexander. TEASER:

The Pied Piper of Hamelin – A revisionist take on the world famous story. The tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin has been expanded using Bavarian mythology and folklore from the medieval times of the tales origins to give purpose to the Pied Piper’s actions, with not just Hamelin at stake but the future of all mankind. Written by Leeshon Alexander.

Be Wise, Play Dirty –  Haunted by his childhood memories of an atrocity, Alex Sarkosian, a British Armenian, born in the Armenian enclave of Nagorno-Karabakh, embarks on a journey of revenge and allies himself with Mossad in a black operation to snare the murderer of his mother and the abuser of his sister – a ruthless and corrupt Azerbaijani strongman who, under the protection of the CIA and SIS (MI6) for his critical role in the War on Terror, is involved in the sale of WMD software to the Iranians. Written by Leeshon Alexander.

High Hopes – 6 part comedy TV series. The antithesis of Entourage, a story of a down and out actor and his road to redemption and sanity…or is it insanity? Written by Leeshon Alexander